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Why Play Futsal?

What is Futsal & Why play?

Futsal is one of the fastest up and coming soccer games in the US.

Futsal is played on a hard indoor surface and uses a heavier soccer ball that does not bounce.

This game is not only fun; it is beneficial for all players involved because it teaches new techniques and gives players lots of touches on the ball.  The game is played 5v5 (4 players + a goalie). This small playing field forces players to make quick decisions. In addition, there is no physical contact involved in futsal.

By using a heavier soccer ball, the players will be exposed to a faster game, which will assist in their tactical and technical development.

At the conclusion of the Academy program, players will have improved technical skills & more confidence to show their abilities on the bigger 7v7, 9v9 & 11v11 playing fields!

Below are some examples of famous players showing off their skills on the Futsal court.


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