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Overnight Camp FAQs



  1. Do I have to Check In with my player?
    1. Yes. All players must be checked in with our Camp Director & Health Director. You will receive a Map two days before Check In that will show you where to park & where Check In is located.
  2. Once my player is Checked In, what do I do?
    1. After you have Checked In with our Staff, your player will be walked to their dorm room. You are welcome to assist your player setting up their bed & room or you are welcome to leave once they are checked in. Players may hang out until Check In time has ended and the Camp Opening starts..
  3. How does the Check Out process work?
    1. On the day of Check Out, you will arrive 30 minutes before the Demonstration to pick up your player’s belongings, pack up your car, then head to the main field for the Demonstration. Players must remain in their dorms or with their coaches – they will walk to the field together as a team. Groups will then give a demonstration of what they have learned throughout their week for parents. This demonstration lasts about 30 minutes. Once the demo is over, you will Check Out your player with their Coach.
  4. What if I have to Check In late?
    1. If for whatever reason, players need to check in late, please e-mail OvernightCamps@DutchTotalSoccer or call 732-748-4625 ext 21. We can accommodate late Check In when necessary but we do ask that everyone try to attend Check In as there is an important Orientation from the Director regarding our Rules and Expectations.
  5. Can another parent or family member Check Out my player?
    1. If you will be having another parent or family member check out your child, please provide a signed note on the day of Check In detailing this information. If this is decided during the week of camp, please e-mail to notify of this change. We will need Identification from the individual picking up your player and can only release the player to someone he or she recognizes.
  6. How are groups separated at a DTS Overnight Camp?
    1. We group players based off of their ages and also their ability. During the first session, players will be broken down by age and compete in small-sided scrimmages while our trainers evaluate their ability. Players will be moved throughout the first day based on their ability levels to ensure they are placed with players who can improve and challenge their development in a safe and positive way.
  7. Can I request a roommate?
    1. If you have a roommate request when you are registering your player, please write the full name of the player in the comment section. If you decide to add a roommate later on, you may email OvernightCamps@DutchTotalSoccer or call 732-748-4625 ext 21 to make that request. We do honor roommate requests, but cannot guarantee triples or quads. Both parties do need to request each other in order to ensure the roommate request.
  8. How are roommates decided if I don’t have a request?
    1. If your player doesn’t have a roommate request or maybe does not know other players at camp, please do not worry. This is incredibly common and we actively encourage new friendships throughout camp! We will place your child with a roommate of similar age.
  9. How are the buildings broken down?
    1. We always have a Boys Building(s) or a Girl(s) Building – we do not have different genders in the same buildings. We also organize each floor based upon age to keep players of similar ages together while avoiding having a young player next to an older teenage player.
  10. Will my player always be supervised?
    1. Your player will be supervised at all times by a DTS Staff Member whether that be a coach or a counselor. There is always a training staff working with players on the field and a counselor available to walk your player to the bathrooms or back to the dorms if they forgot something. We follow a strict safety policy and players are checked in and out of each activity.
  11. How will you supervise my player in a dorm building?
    1. There is a DTS Coach or DTS Counselor housed on each floor of each building and they have a name-tag on their door. Male staff will only remain in male buildings and female staff will only remain in female buildings.  Staff make sure that each player on the floor is aware of where their room is located and to come to them if they have any issues. During downtime, there is always a staff member on each floor monitoring the common areas.
  12. Who helps my child in case they are hurt or do not feel well?
    1. We have a Health Director who is on site 24 hours a day available who will monitor and manage any injury or illness. Our Health Director is EMT, First Aid, and CPR certified. We also ensure that 1-2 additional staff are First Aid, CPR and trained for emergencies. For any serious injury or illness, we will immediately contact the parent or guardian and when needed, contact the local Emergency Services. To provide the best care for your player, we ask to be sure you have filled out the Welcome Packet’s Medical Information as thoroughly as possible.
  13. Are the medical forms mandatory for all Campers – even Day Campers?
    1. Yes. On our Website is a Welcome Packet which contains crucial information & forms to be filled out and returned 14 days before the start of camp. There are Medical Forms which will need to be filled out by your child’s physician.
  14. Do we need immunizations?
    1. Yes – all Campers, whether Day or Residential will need to send in a copy of Immunizations with the Welcome Packet. Campers who are not vaccinated may not attend camp unless for legitimate medical reasoning or religious exemption.
  15. What if my child has to take a prescription medication or over-the-counter medication?
    1. If your child needs to take a prescription or over the counter (OTC) medication while at camp, there is a form in the Welcome Packet that must be signed by a parent/guardian and a physician. Due to State Restrictions, each medication must be on a separate form & must be filled out in entirety. We cannot accept forms that label the dosage “as needed.”
  16. What do I do with my child’s medication?
    1. All Medication must be handed in to the Health Director during the time of check in. Players are not allowed to hold onto ANY medication. If your child has life-saving medication that must remain with them (epipen or inhaler), we have a separate form for them to fill out. Medication must remain in its original packaging.
    2. A self-administration process is used on overnight camps. Our Health Director will determine whether or not a camper can be considered self-directed based on their ability to identify medication, dosage, and reason for use.
  17. How does the camp handle inclement weather?
    1. Health and Safety is our number 1 concern at camp so we make sure to keep a very close eye on the weather! To combat the heat, we make sure there is always shade available for players to take their water breaks and we make sure players take them often. In cases of extreme heat, we will end an outdoor session early or head indoors to play on a gym space. During rain, we continue to play unless it is too heavy or becomes dangerous .
    2. If there is rain, we will continue to play unless it becomes too heavy or dangerous. Each campus is different, but for most we will head indoors for a Futsal Program.
  18. How can I stay in touch with my player while they’re at camp?
    1. Your player can bring a cell phone but they are only allowed to be used during down-time in their dorm buildings. We do not allow cell phones at the fields or during dining hours. The Camp Director’s cell phone will be provided in case there is an emergency.
    2. We recommend that you talk to your player as infrequently as possible to allow them to fully enjoy the Overnight Camp experience. When you do check in with your player, we recommend you keep it brief and don’t discuss your daily activities – younger players especially tend to feel homesick afterwards.
  19. What should I pack for my player?
    1. A detailed packing list, which includes clothing, bedding, toiletries, and additional items can be found on the Welcome Packet. DTS will provide 5 Camp Shirts for players to wear.
  20. What should I NOT pack for my player?
    1. Please Do Not Pack…
      1. Unnecessary Electronics/Games (Xbox, Laptops, iPads, etc)
      2. Expensive or Adored Items – for safety reasons, players cannot lock doors
      3. Refrigerators, AC Units, Microwave, etc.
      4. Perishable Items needing refrigeration – players do not have access to one
      5. Excessive Junk food or Candy
  21. Is there Air Conditioning?
    1. Only Perkiomen Campus has Air Conditioning. For Peddie, Gunnery, and Millbrook we recommend players bring a small fan.

For questions specific to a certain location, please see our Facility FAQ Page. For any additional questions, please e-mail

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