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Dutch Total Soccer (DTS) NJ is offers different types of soccer classes. For more information about an individual DTS soccer class please visit the class page by clicking on the link below:

To view a FULL class schedule by date please CLICK HERE.

*NEW – DTS has a new informative tool providing oversight on the year round soccer classes.  This tool can be used when looking  which class would be appropriate to register for. Additionally, it provides guidance on appropriate follow up classes to maximize player’s development.  For details please CLICK HERE.

Junior Classes:
Itty Bitty Ball 
Steppin Into Soccer
DTS Junior Academy
DTS Lions / Cubs

Futsal Classes
Futsal Young Lions
Futsal Moves of the Masters
Futsal Quick Shot

Technical Classes
Fast Footwork
Skills & Scrimmages

Striking/Shooting Classes
Power Shooting

Advanced Classes
DTS Lions
DTS Messi
DTS Cruyff Advanced (NEW)
Specialized Skill Training
First Touch Advanced
Striking & Finishing
1v1 Offense & Defense
DTS ELITE Training 

Goalkeeping Classes
Goalkeeping Academy Green
Goalkeeping Academy Orange
Goalkeeping Academy Black

Specialty Classes
High School Training Class

Adult Classes (NEW)
Adult Soccer Training Class (NEW)

*Make sure to register for all classes online in advance. Players will have an additional fee of $20 charged for walk in registrations on the day classes begin.  Please do not walk in to register for classes that are indicated as sold out.

*If you miss a class, we are sorry but there are no make-up classes.

*Players may only attend classes on the day of the week for which they are registered.

For more information about the DTS Soccer Classes please contact our Marketing Director:
Bryan Grussgott
732-748-4625 x 32

For information on Leagues, Tournaments and Field Rentals, visit:


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