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DTS Sneijder

Every soccer moment in a game has a starting point, that starting point is a player’s first touch. Only in some occasions like a 1 touch pass or 1 touch shot it doesn’t involve controlling a ball. The rest of the actions that a player does in the game always involve a controlling touch. A better first touch leads to a faster dribble or a quicker shot. Sneijder is the kind of player who has the perfect controlling touches. He is able to receive the ball to any position on the right moment with the right speed and in the right distance. Everything that he does in the game, he exactly knows what he is doing and what the next step is going to be. Having a good first touch gives you also more time and space to make your next decision.

What is taught in this class

The class will emphasize on making the right choices with their first touch under high pressure.
There are different ways to receive the ball. The players need to have the technical skills to receive the ball first in order to add it later with more pressure. With the technical skills under control the players are being taught to make the right choices. Players will develop a sense of space in the field and build their decision upon that. In the weeks they will gain technical skills which they can later add into the game of soccer.

Who should take this class

This is a specific class for players who successfully passed through the Fast footwork classes and want to make the next step with their skills. Players need to have a good control over the ball to make the next step towards more pressure.  This is an advanced class!

Age: 10 – 14 years OR players currently on a Flight 1, 2, a Select, or Premier Team OR by permission of DTS Staff.

Scheduled DTS Sneijder Classes

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This class will be offered again in the Winter.

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